Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby Wipes: Natural Alternative (cheaper, too)

My Sister in law has a little boy with extremely sensitive skin. Somewhere in her battle to keep him rash free she came across a lady that makes a homeopathic wet wipes solution. Store bought wet wipes actually have chlorine and other harsh chemicals in them. My little Skylar had a yeast rash when he was born and the conventional wet wipes irritated it just awful so I decided to try the alternative. Though I was a skeptic at first, it is a great product in many ways and cheaper in the long run.

Here's how it works:
* Use 'select a size' Bounty paper towels and cut the roll in half. (It's easier than you think).
* Mix 5 teaspoons of the Lavender Moist Wipes Solution to 2 cups of water.
* Pour over the half roll of paper towel and let soak for 1 hour.
They pull out of the middle and are oh so easy to use. They are very soft and yet clean very effectively. In my opinion they wipe poop up better than normal wet wipes and the roll lasts longer than a bag of wipes.

I found an ice bucket on summer clearance for $3.00. My sister in law uses a sterilite container.
The moist wipes solution is about $20 per jar. The lady that makes it also has a starter kit for purchase that comes with the half roll paper towel, solution and a container for about $24.

The solution contains lavender essential oil, pure castille soap, and almond oil.

So figure this. The solution lasted my sister in law 2 years! So if we prorate the cost per year it comes out to be about $35. I think that is awesome, because good wet wipes aren't cheap.

I will never go back to conventional wet wipes. In my opinion, the extra work is worth it, especially for my little guy's skin.

To purchase: Diana Collins Handcrafts
Fair Oaks, CA (916) 965-7993


deckerfam said...

That is great I have super sensitive skin so I know I will most likely have a baby that is sensitive as well.

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Diana Collins Handcrafts said...

Thanks Super Mom for loving my moist wipes. They are great for use by the whole family. I use them myself for a quick clean up and they are great for carrying in the car. I thought of the idea for the Lavender Moist Wipes when my son Liam, now 12 years old, was a baby and didn't want to use the wipes from the grocery store on him. I had just completed an herbal apprenticeship and used my knowledge of herbs and the healing properties of lavender in my new product. Back then, the choices were not nearly as friendly as they are today. Diana Collins

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